Competitive Federalism: Competition between governments results in the best society, with the most freedom and the most prosperity. There should be multiple competing governments, and people should be free to choose which government to live under.

what is competitive federalism?

the most practical way to achieve competitive federalism is decentralization and local control

the first problem with competitive federalism

the second problem with competitive federalism

competitive federalism is not a race to the bottom

mandatory conformity is the opposite of competitive federalism

the most important issue

the consent of the governed

a proposal for a constitution based on competitive federalism

Paul Romer's Charter cities project is an example of competitive federalism

the hampton court conference

competitive federalism and the rational ignorance of voters

expendable suborganizations

artists versus janitors

competitive federalism is like a restaurant

Is suppression of political freedom neccessary for effective government?

bad competitive federalism: credit cards

bad competitive federalism: insurance

bad competitive federalism: munincipal bonds

bad competitive federalism: cutting social spending

bad competitive federalism: corporate charters

bad competitive federalism: sales tax

what is freedom?

why anarchy will not work

business taxes and privatisation

wealth tax is better than inheritance tax, and inflation is a wealth tax

businesses should not be taxed

crime and punishment

the government cannnot protect one person's rights without violating another person's rights

Forced Community

limiting the power of special interests with competitive federalism

who should pay for bridges, and why intellectual property should be free

the exclusive use of physical property and the exclusive use of intellectual property

who is to blame for pollution

what to do about wasteful government spending

are government workers overpaid or underpaid

child guardianship


what should america have done about slavery?

Government should not care about or try to help people

Should minority parties be included or excluded?

alienation is caused by overregulation

redistribution of wealth is incompatible with diversity

taxing the rich and giving to the poor makes the rich richer and the poor poorer

the 14th amendment to the american constitution reduces freedom

the american constitution gives absolute power to the supreme court

the bigger badder dictator theory of limited government

elections have three parts

instant runoff voting should consider last place votes

candidate revoting is better than instant runoff voting

a peace protest is an act of violence

farming fantasies and the danger of fantasy

Government Violence

Karl Marx favors slavery

can someone choose to be a slave?

competitive federalism and slavery

expedited border crossings

what is money

the cause of the boom and bust economic cycle

what to do about the boom and bust economic cycle

John Maynard Keynes, Ludwig von Mises, imbalance between consumption and investment, and the boom and bust economic cycle

John Maynard Keynes, fiscal stimulus, the gold standard, and the boom and bust economic cycle

the 2008 american financial crisis was caused by the government

financial obfuscation and financial crises

home mortgages are bad

redlining and discrimination by banks

monetary policy and slamming doors in hospitals

I will sell my life for one hundred trillion dollars

the Federal Reserve System is a secret fascist conspiracy

The great depression was caused by a gold shortage

The gold standard is a bad policy

The gold standard is unstable

fiat money should be called tax backed money

multiple competing kinds of money

why are CEOs paid so much?


What is the effect of government subsidies to businesses?

half regulation of securities markets

short selling


immigration makes most people richer, except when the government is involved

the wealth gap between rich and poor is caused by bad regulation

education makes the rich richer and the poor poorer

oil company profits

foreign intervention and market share

medical treatment of sick people and government treatment of social problems

legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government: is judicial independence neccessary?

people are not free unless businesses are free

the central government should allow local governments to be dictatorships

There should be more limits on the central government than on local governments.

voter ignorance and competive federalism

marriage, homosexuality, and government

Martha Stewart

health care

universal drug testing program

free health care requires health care bureaucracy

multiple level health care rationing

Should communities be owned?

the rich cat, the constitution, and the rule of law

people in primitive societies are more generous than people in advanced societies, because people in primitive societies have no way to save wealth.

evolution and creation

free trade and jobs

the cost of drugs and the cost of university education

people often oppose success, which is an obstacle to progress and to american foreign policy

why arabs hate america, and what to do about terrorism against america

what to do about criminals

capitalism and communism

the economy is like the ecology

experts believe in global warming for the same reason that experts believe the bible

global warming, minimum wage, and solar fusion

how often do environmentalists destroy their underwear?

the socialist way of getting a pizza versus the free market way of getting a pizza

how to win a guerilla war

dictatorship, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea

ending war with a trade cartel

there can be no rules of war in assymetrical warfare

gaza 2006 swiss cheese plan

somalia 2007 pay the army

why Iraq needs a strong army

how to create a new army for Iraq quickly and cheaply

supplying the american army in Iraq

missing stuff in Iraq

how to manage worn out infrastructure in Iraq

capitalism and crony capitalism in Iraq

doctor George W. Bush and the sick person named Iraq

The George W. Bush Administration's mistakes in Iraq

Iraq 2006 four corners plan

penicillin and cyanide

negative political campaigning and the evolution of human intelligence

government policies which are in opposition to the free market cannot be enforced without terror

It is good for government leaders to kill their critics

school sucks

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