Suppose you have some people, some raw materials, some tools, and some land. What is the best way to organize everything?

If you ask a capitalist businessperson, the businessperson will probably say that you need to have a goal, and all the people need to cooperate in trying to achieve the goal, and there needs to be someone in charge to make sure all the people cooperate in trying to achieve the goal. And that is exactly how communist nations are organized. So how come capitalist businesspeople believe in communism?

Capitalist businesses are organized like communist nations. But capitalist businesses are not organized in the same way as capitalist nations.

Freedom depends on limiting the power of the government. Inefficiency is the most effective limit on government power. If one government official wants to violate your rights, you will be happy if other government officials are obstructive and uncooperative.

Some people complain that there is too much redundancy and waste in the government, that government departments are too autonomous and do not cooperate with each other, that it takes too many government officials to
make a decision, and that the government bureaucracy is too uncontrollable. Some people say that the government should be organized more efficiently, like a capitalist business. The people who say this usually call themselves capitalists, but when they say the government should be more like a capitalist business, they are advocating communism.