Capitalism is like evolution. In capitalism, inefficient businesses go bankrupt and are replaced by more efficient businesses. In evolution, less fit organisms and species die and are replaced by more fit organisms and species.

Creationism is like communism.

So it would be logical to suppose that people who accept capitalism would accept evolution, that people who accept evolution would accept capitalism, that people who accept communism would accept creationism, and that people who accept creationism would accept communism.

But the opposite is true. The creationists are capitalists, and the evolutionists are communists.

Evolution is most strongly accepted by scientists, and scientists are often hostile to capitalism. Creationism is most strongly accepted by deeply religious people, and deeply religious people are usually hostile to communism.

So the creationists are economic
evolutionists, and the evolutionists are economic creationists. The capitalists are biological communists, and the communists are biological capitalists.