Rape is not about sex. Rape is about power. It is easier to get sex from prostitutes than through rape. Someone who is willing to make the effort to rape someone is looking for more than sex. A rapist wants to control other people.

Serial murderers and other violent people are usually motivated by a desire to control other people. Violence is not motivated by a desire to see blood spraying through the air and to see dismembered and disemboweled bodies lying on the floor, as critics of video games seem to think.

The essence of violence is the desire to control other people.

Peace protesters are violent because they want to control other people.

My point is not that peace protesters are evil. I do not think that peace protesters are more evil than the governments which they protest against, although sometimes I think both are equally evil. My point is that peace protesters should act responsibly. Peace protesters are motivated by a desire to change the world, and to change the world you have to control other people. The desire to control other people provides the potential for violence. The organizers of peace protests need to recognize the potential for violence and make sure that the protests do not become violent.