The George W. Bush administration established a monopoly on the distribution of gasoline in Iraq, and set the price of gasoline in Iraq. The gasoline monopoly was given to Halliburton. Someone who supported capitalist free markets would not establish a monopoly on gasoline distribution or set the price of gasoline. Someone who believed in capitalist free markets would do nothing about gasoline in Iraq, and allow the free market price of gasoline in Iraq to rise, and allow people in Iraq to borrow money, buy trucks, and go to Kuwait and buy truckloads of gasoline, and bring the gasoline to Iraq and sell the gasoline, thus solving the gasoline shortage in Iraq.

The electricity shortage in Iraq could also be solved by capitalist free markets. If electricity in Iraq was deregulated, the electricity shortage would cause the price of electricity to rise, which would cause some people to reduce their consumption of electricity, and would cause other people to buy generators. The people with generators might use the electricity themselves, sell the electricity to the electric grid, or sell the electricity to their neighbors, who could then stop buying electricity from the grid. The increased demand for generators would cause a shortage of generators, but that is not a problem. The shortage of generators would cause the price of generators to rise, which would cause more people to buy generators in other nations, and transport the generators to Iraq, and sell the generators.

Free market economics would end the shortages of gasoline and electricity by increasing supply and reducing demand. But the George W. Bush administration has rejected free market economics in Iraq and is using communist methods. This is bizarre because George W. Bush campaigned for president as a supporter of free market economics. This is doubly bizarre because the loudest opponents of the George W. Bush administration say that George W. Bush is a right wing extremist, and demand that George W. Bush be replaced by someone further to the left. The american democratic party is further to the left than communists? That scares me.

George W. Bush is not really a communist. George W. Bush is a crony capitalist, someone who uses government intervention in the economy to benefit his supporters and punish his opponenents. In a system of crony capitalism, the government allows private businesses, but imposes many regulations on private businesses. The regulations on private businesses are strictly enforced on opponents of the government, and not enforced on supporters of the government. The government imposes high taxes on opponents of the governments, and high government spending goes mainly to supporters of the government.

Crony capitalism is not an economic policy. Crony capitalism is a way of suppressing political opposition.

Bill Clinton was also a crony capitalist.

Crony capitalism is what makes the third world so poor. The George W. Bush administration's crony capitalist policy in Iraq will keep Iraq poor. The George W. Bush administration's crony capitalist policy in Iraq are unlikely to suppress opposition in Iraq. So the George W. Bush administration's crony capitalist policy in Iraq will fail.

Both major political parties in America believe in crony capitalism. This is likely to make America poorer in the future.