computer and programming projects

print a scale drawing of a parabolic reflector to use with a wifi or tv antenna

calculate dimensions of a parabolic reflector to use with a wifi or tv antenna

print your own graph paper

print your own polar coordinates graph paper

print your own hexagon paper

Linux projects

dump and flash android partitions from linux

find out how many bad sectors there are on cheap flash memory

ratsc is a script to schedule unattended recordings of digital tv. ratsc does not require xwindows. ratsc uses dvb-apps and the kernel dvb drivers. ratsc assumes atsc, but can easily be converted to dvb-t, dvb-c, or dvb-s. Paranoid Backup is a backup program for Linux. Paranoid Backup is designed to backup to either a remote network hard drive or a tape drive. When backup up to a tape drive, Paranoid Backup will work with cheap tape drives and cheap tapes without shoeshining or losing data; and to use as few tapes as possible. Paranoid Backup is designed to never overwrite old backups, because you never know when you will want one of those old files again. Paranoid Backup has easy to understand documentation and error messages. It is probably slower than other backup programs. Paranoid Backup includes kxarc, an archive program, and a tape server program which can be used by themselves. Conventional archive programs like tar manage both the archive and the tape; I made one program to manage the archive and a different program to manage the tape. Everything is written in perl 5, so there is no C source or compiled binaries, just these scripts.

avview_record is a script to schedule unattended recordings of video with avview by setting the start time and stop time. is a script which demonstrates using scsi commands.

editcompressedfile is a script which makes it easy to edit compressed files. It uncompresses the file, edits it, and then recompresses it.

reformat source code for inclusion in an html file. This is a simple example of programming in sed and awk

compile and run larn 12.2.4 on fedora 2 linux

editdosfile is a script which makes it easy to edit a DOS text file with a unix editor. It converts the DOS text file to unix text, edits the file, and then converts the file back to DOS text.

log_output is a script for capturing all the output of another program. This is useful for testing shell scripts. is a perl script which calculates X windows video modes

vidmodegraph is a perl script which calculates data points for drawing a graph of xwindows video modes

checklibs is a shell script which checks if the libraries required by the executable files in the PATH are present.

Cowdata is a set of scripts for manipulating a database of information about dairy cows. The actual database is a set of gzipped text files. One script takes many *.jpeg files; converts the *.jpeg files to small, black and white dithered images; looks up some information about each picture; adds some postscript formatting commands; and prints it. The result is many small pictures in neat rows and columns printed on one piece of paper, with a little text information printed under each picture.

rundosprogram is a script which lets you run dos programs from linux. This requires dosemu and dos.

compare program versions is a script which compares multiple versions of programs.

fix_corrupt_file is a script for determining what part of a file is corrupted, and downloading the corrupted part, instead of downloading the entire file.

listfonts generates a postscript file with a small example of each font on your computer, and warns about errors in the font directories. You can print the postscript file.

listrpms lists information about *.rpm packages, so you can search the output file. For example, if you were looking for a spreadsheet, you could search for the word spreadsheet; if you were looking for a package which provides libfoo, you could search for 'provides libfoo'.

tarunarchiveroot is a script which unarchives files from a tar archive, and sets the owner of the files to root. Normally when tar is run by root, tar assumes you are restoring from a backup, and preserves the old owners, groups, permissions etc. But if you are installing some programs from a different computer, then you do not want to preserve the old owners and groups; that is what this script is for.

targz_unarchive_root is a script which unarchives file from a tar.gz archive, and sets the owner of the files to root.

rpminstallfilesonly is a script which installs *.rpm packages without modifying the rpm database, without checking dependencies, without running scripts, and without overwriting any prexisting files. This script is for installing an *.rpm package onto a linux distribution which is different from the linux distribution which the *.rpm package was intended for; because rpm often does not work correctly in this situation.

sl is for making symbolic links. When using ln -s, I have trouble remembering which filename to give first, so I made this script to prompt me.

zipdisplay is a script which makes it easy to display files which are stored inside a zip archive.

a script for installing almost all of redhat 5.0 from the linux software labs redhat 5.0 cdrom a script for installing almost all of debian 3.0r5 from the dvd

notes on linux and linux programming

When I study some aspect of linux or programming, I find that it helps me to remember it if I write it out in my own words. Then if I want to look it up again sometime in the future, I read my own notes before I read the official documentation, because I find that my own notes are easier to understand than the official documentation. I have heard other people complain that the official documentation is too hard to understand, so I am posting my notes here in case anyone else wants to read my notes.




Phillips cm206 cdrom drives and installing redhat-5.0


disk errors

downloading big files

gatos, avview, using ati all-in-wonder with linux


gnome configuration


missing from man



Corel Photopaint







undeleting linux files

DOS projects

kmbsl is a master boot sector loader with a boot menu; it displays a message and allows you to choose which operating system to run. This is not really a DOS project, it loads any operating system; but it installs from DOS.

Rbcomm Telnets is a set of macro files for Rbcomm, so that you can use your modem to call another computer, and then telnet, ftp, lynx, etc. This is hard to learn and configure, but if you take the time to become an expert you will find it easy to use. This is very fast. This requires Rbcomm.

Form 1116 calculator makes calculations for USA IRS form 1116. It does not print out the form. You enter your data and it performs calculations and tells you what to write on each line. It is intended for tax year 2000. It requires qbasic.

form 1116 calculator for tax year 1999

form 1116 calculator for tax years 1998 and previous

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