If your web browser formats this page incorrectly, try viewing the page source. In netscape 4, click the view menu, then click page source. notes on crossfire 1.9 crossfire 1.9 does not save permanent apartments until the rooms have been unused for about ten minutes. Permanent apartments are not saved at shutdown. This is a problem if you run your own private server and turn your computer off. If you are playing crossfire, collect treasure, go to your permanent apartment, store your treasure, save, and turn the computer off; then you will lose your treasure. To work around this, do not turn your computer off for twenty minutes after saving crossfire; or else do not store your treasure before saving crossfire, instead leave your treasure in your backpack and store the treasure in your permanent apartment the next time you play crossfire. You can use this to cheat: go into your permanent apartment, pick up your treasure, save, exit the client, kill the server, restart the server, restart the client, play again, and you will have twice as much treasure because your treasure will be in your backpack and in your permanent apartment. This did not happen in crossfire 1.5 because crossfire 1.5 saved permanent apartments at shutdown. scrolls of show invisible do not work in crossfire 1.9. spells of show invisible work. this problem did not occur in crossfire 1.5. scorn mike miller's house: In the dungeon, there is a button in a puddle. Push a boulder onto the button, and it opens a secret room with three chests and a button. The map file has a message which says that the button in the secret room is broken, and a heavy boulder is needed to activate it. This message is never displayed; I don't know why. There are several boulders, but only the heavy boulder will activate the switch, which opens the door to the second pixie room. The pixies' magic wands do not work, so the pixies are not dangerous. Drop Angry Pixie's head beside Mike Miller, and the door behind Mike Miller opens, which contains a key to the gate in the dungeon which leads to a ladder to the treasure house next door. The fighter's room has a broadsword of crushing, which a first level fighter can get and is better than your starting sword. A beginner can do Mike Miller's house except for attacking Mike Miller and opening the poisoned chest. Mike Miller usually has a ring. The poisoned chest contains a potion of cure poison (which you will probably need to use to cure yourself of the poison you got opening the chest) and some useless but valueable jewelry. scorn apartments esmeralda: To Amy, say key; Amy says Mark has the key. To Swabbie, say Mark; Swabbie says Mark is at Goth's. To person in the middle of Goth's Tavern, say Mark; he says Mark is at bingo. To Mark (person in southeast corner of bingo room, Goth's Tavern) say key; Mark says say mumblypeg to Chancy (the sheep) in Swabbie's house. With Mark's key you can get esmeralda; take esmeralda to the coffee shop for the reward. When Chancy the sheep gives you mark's key, gramps malone gives you three diamonds for his earhorn even though you haven't given gramps his earhorn; I think this is a bug. Also, when you come up the stairs after getting esmeralda, you come up in the other apartment instead of where you went down, and you won't be able to get out unless you picked up the apartment key before you went down; I think this is a bug. scorn central well: old man with the rats has a spellbook and is easy to kill. scorn goths tavern: upstairs, go south, then go north in middle hall, then go west, then open last door to the south. Old man has spellbook and is easy to kill. Open cellar by dropping booze on table on first floor. Go south, then take second hall east, then open last door to north. This room has three rings or amulets. scorn church of devourers: old man has spellbook and is easy to kill. outbuilding has secret door and stairs to dungeon. dungeon has skeletons and vampires. The vampires have spellbooks. scorn - prison - port joseph - goblin island: there are two ways in. You can dig through the walls of the fort, or go in the hole. It is easier to keep the mice under control if you go in the hole first. there is a suit of mithril chainmail in one of the towers. A first level fighter can get it. In the dungeon under the fort, there are four stairs down: Two easy to find, one behind a diggable wall in an empty cell, and one behind a locked door to the east, near the connection to the hole. There are scorpions in the two middle ways down, so avoid these unless you can do the prayer of cure poison. The cell which you cannot see into has a wraith and a ring. In lower levels of the dungeon there are two locked treasure rooms. Big Guy has one key and Buggle has the other key. The key to the lightning room is under a statue in the scorpion room. The slime room has mostly slimes, but there are some green slimes, which corrode weapons and armor. Spell of burning hands is a good way to fight green slimes. The slime room leads to the altar room. If you drop food on the altar, you get a hint about how to use the four passwords to open the four gates to the treasure room. Three passwords are on notes in various places, and one password is given by a prisoner. The passwords are correct, but the information about the passwords is not correct; and the food altar's hint about where to use the passwords is correct, but the information about the order is not correct. One tower has an encrypted note, which I think is meaningless. The dungeon has a peaceful dragon, which beginners should ignore. port joseph church: The two altars require food and booze. The dungeon contains only skeletons and mice, no ghosts. stoneville dreadful house: the password to open the door is 'sesame'. Through the door is a lightning shooter and a locked door. You have to stand in the path of the lightning shooter to unlock the door. On the other side of the door is a rust monster. There are also vampires and grim reapers, and you cannot use holy word because the house is unholy. You could retreat through the lightning shooter so that monsters following you through the lightning shooter are killed by the lightning, maybe this would work better if you create some earth walls, but it is probably easier to create your own lightning. stoneville bloodwell: If you move away from the ladder, the whole room will fill with demons. These are special wimpy demons. They are weaker than normal demons, carry nothing, and you get fewer experience points for killing them. Behind the door is a dragon and some treasure, including one artifact. If you fight the dragon near the treasure, the treasure will be burned. So run to the corner of the room furthest from the treasure after moving the lever, and wait for the dragon to come to you. stoneville well of intelligence: In the first room there are mice, giants, and one rust monster. As soon as you enter, the giants will start throwing boulders at you. Wait, and soon the mice will surround you, which will protect you. Look for the rust monster. Wait for the rust monster to become surrounded by mice so the rust monster stops moving. Firebolt is effective against the rust monster. Or maybe you could create a bomb and leave. The third room has snakes, demons, skeletons, ghosts, beholders, one or two vampires, and one grim reaper. You can use the snakes to shield yourself from the more dangerous monsters. The demons have rings and wands. If you kill the demons in the third room, the beholders may attack and destroy the treasure before you can pick it up. So it is safer to stay in the second room, and kill the demons after they come into the second room. santo dominion hut: This is the hut where the entrance room has a large boulder and a large button. The monsters are kobolds, orcs, goblins, gnolls, and some ogres. There is also a wyvern behind some grates and a dread behind a wall. There are many chests on the upper level. A low level character can do this if you do not move the lever beside the grates, releasing the wyvern, and if you do not dig into the wall beside the gravestones. You need to go into one room to move a lever, then go into a different room to find the door which opened, then go through the door, move a lever, back to the first room to find the door which opened, etc. The second entrance grate will close, shutting you in or out, unless you put something on small button just outside the grate. If you forget this and are trapped in the building, there is another small button inside the last room which will also open the grate. santo dominion a nice hut: There are two long hallways with about ten beholders each. If you enter the hallways, and the beholders use lightning against you, you will not be able to move sideways to dodge the lightning. If you send a golem into the hallways, the beholders will not be able to move sideways to dodge the golem. So you do not need to steer the golem, just point the golem into the hallway and wait until the golem kills the beholders. This is a great opportunity to build up your summoning experience. Lesser golems and golems die before they kill all the beholders, so you will have to summon another to finish killing the beholders. One earth elemental can do one hallway. There are also some hallways with skulls. Golems and earth elementals are not effective against skulls. santo dominion tobias tower: The mice reappear faster than you can kill them. I had a rod of create earth wall. I cleared a small space, then filled the space with wall so the mice could not come back, and I covered every pit and elevator with walls. Eventually, I killed all the mice, and received as a reward one lousy magic power potion. There is no risk. A beginner with a rod of create earth wall could do this. santo dominion north lighthouse and south lighthouse: the stairs are all in the same place, so you can go to any floor without doing anything about any other floor. I didn't find any key or other object from one floor needed on another floor. So you might as well act as if each floor was a seperate building. Some rooms on every floor are easy and some rooms on every floor are hard. I didn't see any special treasures. santo dominion golden lion: In the dungeon, there is a demon generator behind a short wall. Some of the demons have rings, wands, and spellbooks. Stand at the corner of the wall and wait. When a demon appears, kill and take the stuff. If the demon uses magic, run back behind the wall. Continue for hours, and you will accumulate a lot of rings, wands, and spellbooks. Eat the demon icor because you have to eat something and the demon icor will evaporate if you do nothing. To prepare, go down into the dungeon. Go east and north into the scorpion room. If you cannot deal with the poison from scorpions, use spell of icestorm. Move the lever. Go back to the stairs, go north then west then southwest to the slime room (slimes, no green slimes). Move both levers. Clear the other rooms, but in the pixie room leave something on the small button because you do not want to open the grate to the demon generator yet. Also do not open the southeast room because that contains one green slime plus a grate to some ogres. Push the boulder to the pixie room and onto the large button to open the treasure room. In one place you have to push the boulder into a corner, and then use the northern lever in the slime room to lift the grate to push the boulder out of the corner. Pick up everything except the stuff on the small button in the pixie room and carry it upstairs out of the way. Now take the stuff off the small button and go to the demon generator. This also releases the ogres into the green slime room. If you opened the green slime room, the ogres may attack you while you are fighting the demons, which is why it is better to not open the green slime room. Demons are more likely to use dangerous random magic against you if you are at a distance. So wait at the corner, so they cannot attack you until they move beside you. Also do not allow the demons to accumulate and attack in a group, because the demons in back are more likely to use dangerous random magic. Put autopickup on, because the next demon might use magic which might destroy the objects left on the ground. When your backpack gets heavy enough to slow you down, go upstairs and dump it. santo dominion church: Don't go in unless you can fight grim reapers. There are bullet shooters. You can block the bullet shooters by building walls or directors, but these soon fail. Get something which reflects missiles and ignore the bullets. Bring in four gravestones, and drop one gravestone on each button, and move both handles. This opens the northeast corner, which releases several grim reapers. In the northeast corner is a handle, which opens another handle, which opens the wraith room. In the wraith room, there are two handles. The south handle opens the treasure rooms, which have no monsters. The east handle opens the southwest corner, which has more difficult monsters, including a dread. So if you can handle bullets, grim reapers, and wraiths, then you can get the treasure, you do not need to fight the dreads. santo dominion ramsdre mansion: There is a hallway around the building. There is peaceful people, furniture, and locked doors with random traps, but no monsters or treasure. This hallway is safe as long as you do not move the handles. The handles release monsters, including black puddings. Lady ramsdre has the key to the central courtyard. In the central courtyard there is an artifact. The artifact is surrounded by moving ground which pushes you away, so you cannot get the artifact. You can levitate over the moving ground, but most of the house is nomagic. The hard way to get the artifact is to go downstairs, run through the shooters, enter the cage with two dragons and many grim reapers, kill the demilich to get to the up stairs, and you find yourself beside the artifact. The easy way is to kill lady ramsdre, take the key, open the door to the courtyard, go back to the room where lord ramsdre is, cast levitate, then float through the open doors to the courtyard and the artifact. This is even easier if you have levitation boots. If you can levitate, you can get the artifact. santo dominion darkhold: The map file name is lord_byron. leave santo dominion and follow road north. You can walk around the outside of the building, inside the moat. There is a panther at both south corners and a grim reaper at both north corners. At the entrance there are four guards. One guard stands on a lever. The lever opens the gate. Two guards stand on buttons. One button closes the gate, one button opens the southeast room which contains skeletons. The last guard appears to stand on nothing, but actually stands on an invisible button which opens the southwest room which contains one grim reaper. Inside there are four stores. Past the four stores are the stairs. If you go up the stairs, the gates close so you cannot enter the room. You could jump through the grates before they close, but this is a bad idea because you could not exit the room. Back on the ground floor, to either side of the stairs, there are two large rooms of wyverns and beholders. The doors are controlled by four buttons under four guards. Entering the rooms is dangerous. It is safer to open the doors and wait, and kill the wyverns as they come out. Or send your golem into the room. North of that, the space in the middle against the north wall is an invisible teleporter into the north room, which contains a few beholders. The down stairs in the north room leads to the cellar. The up stairs in the north room leads to a cross shaped room, which appears empty but contains invisible teleporters. The long hallway has no teleporter. The east and west hallways have teleporters to safe empty rooms to either side. The south hallway has a teleporter to room with fireball shooters. Go to one side, move the lever, go to the other side, move the lever, go to the other side, move the second lever, go the other side, move the second lever, move the lever in the middle, kill the guards, fight your way through the wyverns, giants, ghosts, and scorpions. The up stairs have small buttons, if you drop something on the small buttons two more rooms open with food and booze. There are more rooms but I do not know how to open them. I put a bottle of booze on every space in the two safe empty side rooms, but the grates did not open. The ground floor has several rooms behind stone blocks, but I don't know how to open these rooms. The map file suggests that there should be lever-buttons in the north room which the teleporter leads to, but I put a bottle of booze on every space in this room, but nothing happened. There are stairs in these rooms, which may lead to the closed rooms upstairs, but probably lead to the empty rooms upstairs. The cellar contains mice, food, booze, and no danger. The top floor has fire elementals, beholder generators but no beholders yet, and many chests. Outside darkhold is a dock. magic mapping shows a nearby island which appears to have a road. But there is no ship. dimension door passes over the island and lands on the next island. There must be something interesting on the island because something is preventing me from teleporting to the island, but I don't know what or how to get there. santo dominion stig's hut: follow road north from santo dominion halfway to darkhold, then go north a little. There are grim reapers and acid blobs. There is not much treasure. santo dominion tower of summoning and demonology: leave santo dominion. go northeast 17 spaces. go north many spaces, maybe about 200. When you can go no further north because of the sea, follow the coast west and northwest to the tower. When you first enter, a moving floor carries you on a tour of the first floor. The first floor has no monsters and no treasure. You can easily kill the clerks, but they don't have much stuff. Then you have to drop 1500 gold on an altar to go to the next level. This floor has many apprentices, who do not fight but instead summon monsters. This is not too difficult. The small amount of treasure is probably worth less than the 1500 gold you paid to get in. The southeast room has a key which unlocks the door to the up stairs. Then you have to drop another 1500 gold to open the spikes to the up stairs. For the rest of the tower, there are nomagic zones around most doors and stairs. This means you cannot shoot magic from doorways or use magic to disarm traps on doors. This level has many summoning traps on the floor, but the summoning traps summon nothing, so ignore them. The journeymen fight you with magic, usually shower of sparks. The treasure will be destroyed if you don't pick it up fast. The next level has an up stairs and locked doors. You cannot open the doors, so go upstairs. Move on and off the down stairs to get the hint and talk to the cleaning lady. Get the keys, go downstairs, open the doors. Now you can do the four corner towers. Each corner has the same layout. The room around the upstairs has wizards who fight you with magic, usually shower of sparks, destroying the treasure unless you pick it up fast. The next level has 1 chest and 1 summoning trap on every space. Disarming the traps is tedious. It may be faster to trip all the traps and kill the elementals. The next level has elemental creating walls. You could destroy the walls, but if you made it this far, then elementals probably don't hurt, so you can ignore the walls and elementals. One of the four blocks in the middle hides the key to the up stairs. This level has the master, some treasure, and drain magic traps all around the down stairs. The down stairs is no magic, so you cannot use magic to disarm the drain magic traps, or levitate or dimension door over the traps. If you take the time to manually find and disarm the drain magic traps, the master will shoot magic at you and destroy the treasure. I suggest that before starting this level, while you are on the up stairs of the level with the walls creating elementals, set autopickup on and ready_skill jumping. Then jump over the traps and pick up the treasure, then kill the master. Then disarm the drain magic traps from inside the room using the disarm spell. The master has the key that unlocks the door to the up stairs. This is the top level of the tower and has no monsters. Pick up the treasure, stand on the small pentagram, and say the name from the book. The master's pet will appear on the large pentagram and tell you some clues. When you have finished all 4 corner towers, go to the central tower. At the gates, say 'Thessalrudin Ycronrcldeth Brenlorien Brunvelden', which is the names of the masters which the master's pets told you. You can say the names in any order, and all at once or one at a time. There are four up stairs, one in each corner, all go the the same place, all have a trap of summoning and are surrounded by three traps of magic draining. The next level has many demons, including three large demons. The next level has 4 teleporters and a cleaning lady. Talk to the cleaning lady for clues. Move the handle, and the four guardians appear in the four side pentagrams. (Except one time the guardians did not appear for me, I do not know why.) Kill the guardians and take their objects. The guardians have enough objects to unlock 2 of the 4 teleporters. All the teleporters go to the same place, so you only need to unlock 1. By now you should have figured out from the hints that you need to use the four corner pentagrams to summon the dead masters, and torture them with their names until they tell you the word to activate the teleporters. Stand beside the grates which enclose the corner pentagrams and say the name of a master. If the master does not appear, say the name of a different master, and try summoning the first master at a different corner pentagram. Keep saying the master's name until he says part of the word. When you have all four parts of the word, go to the teleporter you unlocked and say 'Hleafnarumledenkaranthrachakamar' (the cleaning lady was wrong about the order). This teleports you to the next level, where there is treasure and no monsters. Stand on the small pentagram, and the spikes on the up stairs go down. The next level has demons and a balrog. The next level is the last level. There is no monsters, treasure including several artifacts, and a teleporter to the first level. Don't step on the teleporter if you were planning to pick up the treasure on the way down. lone town tower of pupuly: the key beside pupuly opens the guardroom in the cave entrance to eureca's castle outside lone town. Nazgul has a key which open's nazgul's room in the power plant outside lone town. To kill nazgul, first make yourself immune to draining, such as by putting on the ring of resist drain which is hidden behind nazgul. Then cast holy orb of valriel at the wall beside nazgul. If you cast holy orb at nazgul, nazgul reflects it back to you, so you need to hit the wall so nazgul is caught in the field. Some of the monsters in pupuly's tower will not move until you attack them, so you can ignore them and walk around them if you want. lone town tower of ordeal: to get the key to get in, say key to receptionist in the guild of freedom. The first room is nomagic and there are two cages. You want to get into the front cage. Go down the stairs to the bottom level, then up the other stairs to the top level, then down the other stairs until you come down in the back cage. Pull the handle, and you can use magic in the first room. You can cast show invisible, and it shows many teleporters, but they do not seem to do anything. You can cast dimension door to get into the front cage, but you go through and come out the other side. To stop in the front cage, you need to create some obstacles, like some earth walls or maybe some pets or monsters. Inside the front cage is a scroll which says say protect nature to the guild of freedom receptionist, who then tells you that the password is siegfried. lone town cave entrance to eureca's castle: The key to the guard room is in pupuly's tower. His son is either bernie (according to lady cordish in lone town cordish's house) or bernhard (according to a character in nurnberg guild of law); either name works. His wife is either laurel (according to a character in nurnberg guild of law) or lauretta (according to herself in prison in upper level of nurnberg eureca's castle); either name works. He is eureca. His daughter is "has no daughter" (according to lady cordish in lone town cordish's house). When it asks for his daughter, if you say "is", the pit opens and you fall into a room with titans, dragons, and dark wizards. If you are inside eureca's castle trying to get out, the same passwords open the doors, but there are no prompts, so you have to remember which password opens which door. nurnberg castle of eureca: On the first level, there are two stairs down. One is obvious and the other is hidden under a yellow stone block, beside the dread key. The hidden stair takes you to the end of the eternal road, beside several hidden trapdoors. One trapdoor takes you back the way you came. One trapdoor which you can only get to by levitating over the other trapdoors accesses the upper levels. The other trapdoors take you to the beginning of the eternal road. From the beginning of the eternal road, you can go into the treasure room beneath the skull room of the cave entrance to eureca's castle. From the beginning of the eternal road, it is hard to get to the end of the eternal road because you keep getting teleported back. To get to the end of the eternal road you need to go between the teleporters. You are supposed to use the dread key to go into the dread room, kill the two dreads, and then follow the tunnel around back of the eternal road, and cast show invisible. Then you back to the beginning of the eternal road, and you can see the teleporters and trapdoors which keep teleporting you back to the beginning of the eternal road. However, not all the teleporters become visible. A more foolproof method which does not require fighting dreads or casting show invisible is to drop a silver coin on every space which does not teleport you back to the beginning. Move one space, if you are not teleported back, drop a coin. If you are teleported back, follow the trail of coins to where you were before, and this time try moving to a different space. Also, there is a map to the eternal road in the guard room in the cave entrance to eureca's castle. If you levitate south over all the trapdoors and break through the wall, you enter eureca's treasure room, which is guarded by a dragon. One chest is a portal to another level. This chest has no weight and cannot be picked up. If you apply the chest, you are drawn inside and cannot escape unless you kill the ghost, but I haven't figured out how to kill the ghost. The ghost does not attack you at first. Word of recall does not work, but town portal does. So you can create a town portal outside the chest, enter the chest, make the matching town portal inside, pick up the gems, and leave by the portal. The map file suggests that the ghost is carrying the exit, so you have to kill the ghost to get the exit. I tried stealing from the ghost, but the ghost had nothing to steal. The ghost seems immune to hitting, cold, heat, lightning, and magic. You can't use holy word because the level is unholy. What about calling a holy servant before you enter, or arrows of blessedness? In the upper levels of eureca's castle, the map file says that eureca is in the same level as ghothwolte, but I couldn't find eureca or open the grate behind ghothwolte. The top level has a torch which you need to enter the prison. When you enter the room with the torch, the lightning shooter destroys the torch before you can get it. When you enter this level, first move the lever to redirect the lightning shooter to kill the guard of the torch. Then levitate over the moving floor to the small button, and activate the small button, which teleports a boulder to beside the torch, which protects the torch from lightning. pupland kurte: Lauretta in the prison in eureca's castle says say 'fireflies live on a clear river' to the students of kurte. The student of kurte who lives by the sea near lone town says little in response. The student of kurte who lives by the sea near nurnberg says to move the statue, then go into the jungle. This means the jungle northeast of the crossroads between nurnberg and eureca's castle. Don't be confused by the cave in the jungle, the cave is something else and has nothing to do with kurte. The exact location of the entrance to kurte seems to change when the map resets. The entrance looks like the rest of the jungle, so you won't see the entrance. So you have to step on every spot in the jungle until you find the entrance. When you step on the entrance, you are transported to a place with a checkerboard of paths and trees. The paths have many invisible teleporters. You need to find your way around the teleporters to the northeast corner, to a place where there is a bush instead of a tree. Try dropping arrows or silver coins as you go to mark where there are no teleporters. Start by going northwest. There is a hut in the middle, but you cannot walk to the hut because the hut is surrounded by teleporters. The path to the northeast corner goes north of the hut. After you have become a scholar of kurte, it is easier to go to kurte because some of the teleporters move you to the hut in the middle. The next level has many dragons. The next level has a boulder to push on a button, which opens half the doors and closes the other half. Forget the boulder, and summon a golem. Steer the golem on and off the button to open the doors. The next level has doors which open when you answer questions about pupland. If you don't know the answer, try a different door. the last door asks where is eureca, and the correct answer is 'I don't know'. The next level has a unicorn with the history of ghothwolte. Say 'yes' to open the door to the teleporter to the room with five pentagrams. Step on each pentagram, then step in the center. If you are too slow, you are teleported back to the unicorn. Try again faster. A teleporter to ancient pupland appears in the center of each pentagram. pupland ancient pupland: There are several places which are hard to get out of, so it is a good idea to create town portals everywhere. Create the first town portal before you go into a strange place, and if you get stuck, you can create the second teleporter to escape. In siegfried's house, apply one of the trees, walk around back, walk through the false wall, move the levers, go back, walk through the front door, maybe levitate over the pits in the floor. Siegfried's house needs several strange keys, like you find in scorn friendly giant's tower and santo dominion ramsdre mansion. The necromancer's place has two hidden entrances in the mountains at the west end of the lake. the prison in the necromancer's place is like heinrich's prehistoric ruin near pupland lone town. red island quest: Go to kira's house. kira tells you her neighbor is named jake. go to jake's house. jake opens the door to upstairs. The moving floor keeps you away from the notes. Drop things on the floor to activate the invisible buttons which raise the grates, pushing the notes toward you. Raise the side grates first so the notes won't be pushed into the lightning. Or just levitate over the moving floors. The notes send you to to tojo, who tells you that you have to use the odo artifacts to complete the quest (you probably could have guessed that). Tojo has a crystal which is surrounded by moving floors, so if you get near the crystal, it is difficult to leave. If you say help, tojo will come help you get away, or you could summon a pet, or you could levitate. I do not think that it is possible to steal the crystal. Tojo has reproductions of odo artifacts in a cage; you can dimension door into the cage and steal the reproductions. In the red island tower is an old adventurer in a hidden room. To talk to him you have to open a locked door, and there is no key on red island. I used a strange key, which I got from lady ramsdre in santo dominion ramsdre mansion, and I think is the same as the strange in scorn friendly giant's tower (or gork's grovel). The old adventurer says the password is "in". The entrance is in keira's beach. go into the water where you are not supposed to, and let the current carry you into the cave. spell of dimension door: teleports you in that direction. Usually you stop at the first obstacle. You cannot teleport through walls or very high mountains. You can teleport through traps. You can teleport through doors. This is sometimes useful, because you do not have to worry about traps on the door, monsters cannot run away through the door, monsters cannot follow you through the door, and treasure on the other side of the door is safe from fire etc. But you can only teleport through ordinary locked doors, the kind which you can open by lockpicks, ordinary keys, or by breaking open. You cannot teleport through doors which require special keys. Usually you cannot teleport through gates or grates; usually you can teleport through spikes. Sometimes you can teleport through fences, railings, and cages; sometimes you cannot. You can teleport through monsters, which is useful if you are cornered by monsters and want to escape, or if you want to get past a peaceful guard or monster without fighting. You cannot teleport onto a monster. You cannot teleport into a room full of monsters because you need an empty space to teleport to. You can teleport across water to islands. Teleports over water usually go further than teleports over land, and you usually stop at the first land after passing over water. useful objects arch rod_light face rod_light.112 hp 200 maxhp 200 level 30 materialname iron value 46666 state 1 randomitems none identified 1 arch spell_word_of_recall nrof 1 end end arch rod_light face rod_light.112 hp 30 maxhp 30 level 5 materialname iron value 14259 state 1 randomitems none identified 1 arch spell_create_earth_wall nrof 11 end end arch rod_light face rod_light.113 hp 125 maxhp 125 level 30 materialname iron value 46666 state 2 randomitems none identified 1 arch spell_dimension_door nrof 4 end end arch levitationboots materialname leather identified 1 been_applied 1 end notes on crossfire 1.5 Data for character foo is saved in /var/games/crossfire/foo/players/foo/foo.pl, and data about foo's private rooms in /var/games/crossfire/foo/players/foo/*. To savescum, make a copy of directory /var/games/crossfire/players/foo, then do whatever, then restore the old version of /var/games/crossfire/players/foo. This requires root access. You can also exploit the fact that game data for all users is stored seperately from game data for each individual user. Save your character's directory, carry your treasure to the street or another building, drop your treasure, return to your apartment or inn, and save again. Restore your character's directory, go to the pile of stuff you dropped, and pick it up. You have now doubled your treasure. You can also edit the save files. arch begins an object and end ends an object. nrof means number of, how many of that object you are carrying, easily changed. stats are complicated because they are listed at least twice, and sometimes again under depletion. The first set seems to be the maximum; numbers higher than 127 or 128 become negative and are treated as 1. The second set seems to be the current value; numbers higher than 30 are automatically reduced to 30. If the second set is greater than the first set, then the second set is automatically reduced to the value of the first set. Max hit points spell points, and grace are automatically recalculated based on stats and experience, and current hit points cannot exceed max hit points, so changing these has no effect. You can change current spell points and current grace. exp is experience, but there is total experience (beginning of file) and several types of experience (end of file), changing total experience has no effect because total experience is automatically recalculated based on the types of experiences. If you change experience points, experience level will not be not be recalculated until experience changes (next time you kill something). Changing physical experience will change max hit points. Changing mental experience will change max grace and spell points. A ring says something like ac 1, armor class 1. This can be easily changed to ac 99, I have not tried higher numbers. Note that a ring of strength +99 is useless if your strength is already 30. Try adding this: arch amulet title of cheating msg With this amulet, you do not need weapons or armor endmsg face amulet_lif.111 Str 30 Dex 30 Con 30 Wis 30 Pow 30 Cha 30 Int 30 hp 1 sp 127 exp 10 food 100 dam 127 luck 127 wc 127 ac 127 resist_physical 100 resist_magic 100 resist_fire 100 resist_electricity 100 resist_cold 100 resist_confusion 100 resist_acid 100 resist_drain 100 resist_ghosthit 100 resist_poison 100 resist_slow 100 resist_paralyze 100 resist_turn_undead 100 resist_fear 100 resist_deplete 100 resist_death 100 resist_holyword 100 resist_blind 100 materialname glass value 5000 item_power 40 identified 1 reflect_missile 1 been_applied 1 end exp is speed, sp is magic, hp is regeneration, resist_physical is armor. food of more than 32k becomes negative, food 32750 and food 127 uses food faster than usual, food 80 uses less food than food 60, so I guess the maximum is about 100. regeneration causes increased food consumption, so the amulet of cheating provides little regeneration. I didn't try speed of more than ten because I thought that would cause we to crash into walls every time I move. Crossfire crashes more frequently with amulet of cheating, maybe crossfire would crash less frequently with a slower speed. the easy way to learn passwords is cd /usr/share/games/crossfire/maps grep -lrA 2 'arch magic_ear' * piles: containers, swords before iron, swords iron and later, axes, clubs and staffs, hammers and spears and morningstars etc, bows and arrows, armor suits, shirts and robes, shields before iron, shields iron and later, helmets before iron, helmets iron and later, cloaks, boots, gloves, rings, food, corpses, body parts, piles, potions, dusts and balms and figurines, keys, magic fountains do a random spell. usually useless and sometimes dangerous. altars of cures, detectection are cheaper than scrolls/potions/wands. So if you do not need the portability, sell the scroll and use the altar instead. If you have the spell or prayer, use the spell or prayer instead of the altar. chests are usually worth more than the stuff in chests, but sometimes have special objects. If you need money more than you need special objects, do not open chests, sell the chests intact. But if you need special objects more than you need money, then open chests except for chests with difficult traps. Try saying hello to everyone. Some people will tell you things, but sometimes you have to ask to right question. For example, in the corner towers of the dtabb mountain village, you say hello, the sage says I'm busy, you say tower, the sage says he knows part of the rune of opening, you say rune of opening, the sage says part of the password. zoo has no monsters, no treasures, no traps. You can look at monsters in cages and learn their names from the signs. Too bad the signs don't give hints about fighting monsters. zealots house has no monsters, no traps; chalices, papers. The first object in the northwest bookcase is a scroll, wand, or spellbook. The two chalices are very valuable. The chests in zealots house do not disappear when opened, different from chests elsewhere. This is easy and has a lot of treasure. house of healing has no monsters. read the explanations of how to recover from different kinds of injuries. house of mana has no monsters. Read the explanations of how to manage mana. patchs place has no monsters; no treasure random house has hardly any monsters; clocks and bookcases; sometimes a hole to a treasure room, sometimes a magic well city hall has very little chess club has very little library has very little beginners dungeon has no monsters in main part, goblin in other rooms; two scrolls and fireball wand jones house has no monsters in main part. two don't open chests have rings and deadly traps, western don't open has one trap, eastern don't open has rune of shocking plus one other trap. use an expendable character to open the chests. This is easy and has a lot of treasure. smiths house has gnoll; no treasure rundown house has goblin; no treasure old basement has potion, ring, three scrolls. You have to do a lot of digging. There is one ogre and three gnolls. There is one room with about 25 orcs and goblins. One room has two pixies, with about a one percent chance of having a deadly wand. If you want to avoid remote possibilities of dying, avoid the pixie room. This is easy and has a lot of treasure. friendly giants tower has goblin, also giant in last room, but giant does nothing and can be ignored; one gem, gate pass alfalfas house has goblin. South room has ghost. two scrolls, one scroll is behind ghost. This is easy and has a lot of treasure. gork's grovel has goblin, troll in the last room but troll does nothing and can be ignored. On the top floor there is a locked door leading to some treasures, but I do not know how to open it. Killing the troll does not open the door. one scroll, gate pass old mansion has no monsters in main part, goblin in other rooms. small spider in southwest room. The first room has no monsters and some objects, so the first room is safe for wimps. one scroll mad mages tower has goblin; two scrolls, gate pass fun house has goblin, skeleton in one room; two scrolls newbie tower has goblin. no treasure. This is a good place for newbies to gain experience. Leave the generators alone, and run down the hallways full of monsters. The first room has kobolds, the second room has orcs, the third room has goblins, the last room has gnolls. goblin chief's cave is out main gate, northeast to a mountain with a cave, then north to another mountain with a cave. The first levels have orcs and kobolds, the last level has goblins. Take the goblin chief's head to the castle and become a knight. Some gold nuggets. undead church has zombies. There is no treasure in the ground level. In the churchyard there is a hole which leads to random levels. Each random level has more monsters and traps, more difficult monsters and traps, and more treasure than the previous level. There are ghosts, skeletons, and wraiths. The level which does not have a sign saying random level is the last level. The last level has the animator, who looks like a grim reaper, and is immune to weapons but can be killed with small lightning, which does not destroy the animator's ring. The animator can also be killed with holy word of Valriel. Take the animators ring, it is resist drain 100. The do it again for a second animators ring. Take the second animators ring to the castle and become a baron. Or do pupuly's tower in lone town first, to get the strange ring of resist drain 100. The undead church, and every other undead dungeon in crossfire, is easy if you have 50 hit points and holy word of Valriel. lake house has goblin, scorpion in northeast room southwest well: This is the only well which does not connect to the old city. door into pixie room can only be opened from other side. pixie room is last room. ogre room is difficult. one scroll, two rings go out the main gate, go south 23, then go east about 40 and there is a hole. Or you can go east a ways then southeast a ways, this avoids mountains. The dungeon has four sections. The east section has kobolds, zombies, and 2 rings. The north section has goblins, trolls, and scrolls. The west section has goblins, chests, and gravestones. The south section has pixies. go out the main gate, go south 23, then go west about 20. This is the cave of Gnarg. There is not much here, but this is the place to worship Gnarg. go out the main gate, go south then west around city wall until you get to water, go back east 2 then south about 10. Or go to cave of Gnarg, south 2, then southwest about 10. This dungeon has goblins, orcs, and gnolls; and not much treasure. There is a wall which shoots fire, you can run through the danger zone between explosions, or you can destroy the firewall from the west. cave northeast of outside gate has ogres and gnolls. There is a big room to the south, and in the southwest corner of the big room there is a secret passage to a room with stairs down. The knight quest is to kill the goblin chief northeast of the city, but there is no goblin in this cave, so this cave has nothing to do with the knight quest. prison courtyard. When you get to the door with pixies on the other side, it gets very dangerous because some of the pixies have deadly wands. guild of mailed fist: the front door is closed. There is a key in the northeast corner, but you can't walk, jump or levitate to the key. western scorn tavern needs password very tall tower needs password wishing well behind old mansion leads to a lot. Some parts are easier and some parts are harder. There is treasure, so do what you can. Chests have potions or scrolls more often than usual. If you dig at the place where you feel a strange draft from the wall, you find a room of skulls, which breathe poison cloud on you faster than you can run away. I do not know what is behind the skulls. If you go south and then dig west from the entrance, there are ogres. Past the ogres, there are two teleporters. Both go to small rooms and you can teleport back immediately. One room has a switch, which does not seem to do anything. The other has a guarded garden entrance, I guess you have to kill the guard, and then the garden has worse monsters, but I haven't tried. After the teleporters you can dig north to the southwest corner of the basement entrance. If you go north and then dig west from the entrance, you come to a cage with a scorpion. I haven't tried opening the scorpion cage. You can dig south, west, and then north around the scorpion cage without entering the scorpion cage. After digging north a little, you can either continue to dig north, or dig west. If you dig west, you enter a room with poisonous? snakes. If you dig north, you come to a large room with several smaller rooms. The orange wall/door in the northwest is a room with a teleporter and several grim reapers. I haven't tried the teleporter. The grim reapers may come through the teleporter. The orange wall/door in the southwest is a room with ghosts and a teleporter. The ghosts come through the teleporter. The teleporter goes to a room divided in half so it appears to be two rooms, but you can dig to connect the two halves. There is a teleporter in each half, which usually teleports you to the other half, but sometimes teleports you back to the big room, so you cannot be sure of teleporting back if you need to escape. There is some treasure and a ghost generator. If you dig south from the big room, you come to the northeast corner of the basement entrance. The basement entrance has a large cage of monsters in the middle of the room, with the basement stairs in the middle of the cage. From the southwest corner, you can dig east to two demons and a switch to open the cage. From the northeast corner, you can dig west to a skeleton and a switch to open the cage. In the basement, you can dig around most doors. You can dig northwest to a large room. From the large room you can dig east to a grim reaper. I do not know what comes after that. Port pirates arena has many pirates and vikings, little treasure. There are several long straight single wide hallways, so it is easy to fight one at a time and at a distance. The levers in the south control room open the doors to the four rooms in the corners of the central room. Port pirates hideout has pirates. The stair down goes to a cave, the cave has a rowboat to another town. The other town is wolfsburg. You can take a ship back to scorn port. Or you can take a ship from scorn port to wolfsburg, take a rowboat to the cave, and attack the pirate's hideout from below. Wolfsburg has pirates everywhere. The pirates have many chests, but nothing especially valuable. Santo Dominion toll station has potions, wands, scrolls, and ogres. There is a lot of treasure here if you can handle ogres. Stoneville blood well first room appears empty, but if you take one step away from the door, the room fills with demons, including one at the door behind you. You cannot retreat out the door until you kill the demon at the door. The demons do not have any objects. Holy word of Valriel is very effective against the demons. Once you have cleared the demons, there is a lever which opens a grate and releases a dragon, with one or two demons and maybe an artifact weapon. You can go out the gate and north along the road to santo dominion. But it is much easier to go to the port, take the boat to stoneville, then take the boat to Santo Dominion. Stoneville is on dragon island. There are two caves. One has pirates. The other is more difficult. Mudman lives near Santo Dominion. Go to Santo Dominion, and go outside the walls, go south and then west, and mudman is at the edge of the water, in sight of the city wall. Mudman is guarded by elementals. Mudman has a ring, which might be a quest artifact. goths tavern upstairs westmost door in south hall has pirate with port pass, which is worth a lot. If you go north in the middle hall, then west to the last door, there is a sly thief with a chest. But opening doors annoys the guards, so maybe you should kill the guards first from a safe distance. Crossbow is not effective against guards. Medium fireball does not kill guards. Guards are slow enough to run away from. Or you can release the rooms of mice to obstruct the guards. ogre chiefs hole is out the gate, follow the road east, see where the road goes northeast for about ten squares, with a mountain on the north side, then after the mountain leave the road and go north, and the ogre chiefs hole is just before the mountains. Take the ogre chiefs head to the castle and become a baronet. The cave is two levels, and somebody on the bottom level, maybe a madman, had a magic wand. Santo domino has emeralds in southwest corner of city, not in a building, with no monsters. It doesn't get any easier than this. Port central well goes to old city. church of devourers has small dungeon under outbuilding. The first room has skeletons, and the second room has vampires. church of ruggilli has dungeon. The servant will ignore you until you attack him. If you ignore the servant, you only need to kill a few goblins, so this is easy and has little treasure. church of valriel has teleporter in steeple. you can teleport back immediately. The teleporter leads to random levels. The first level is safe because it is empty. Each random level has more monsters and traps, more difficult monsters and traps, and more treasure than the previous level. I don't know how many levels there are, maybe the number of levels is random. I tried once and there were more than ten levels. The monsters may be pets of valriel, so killing them may anger valriel and please valriel's enemies. Or maybe the pets are peaceful if you worship valriel. stronghold (go to middle of south wall, then go west through gate) has no monster, no treasure; but will give you a quest. gatehouse to outside has secret room in south side of main hall with stair down. Stairs are guarded by a mercenary. You can come up without bothering the mercenary, but you cannot go down without killing the mercenary. The mercenary has a key. The stair leads to the old city, and the key opens one of several rooms in the old city. harrys place has ghosts. You can clear the first floor by opening one room at a time, luring the ghosts outside a few at a time, and fighting the ghosts a few at a time. The basement stairs goes to a room where the switch to the door to the next room is under a gravestone. You can step on the switch to open the door, wait for a skeleton to come through, then step off the switch so the door will close, so you do not have to fight all the skeletons at once. After you have killed most of the skeletons, drop a second gravestone on the switch so the door will stay open. The last room has a skull, which is not a monster, but like a statue. The second floor is harder because there is not a long hall and corner to lead the ghosts away and kill them one at a time. house of porters first teleporter goes to room full of green slimes. The first room has a few objects and no monsters, so the first room is safe for wimps. central well leads to several caves, easy with 1 scroll. The second to last cave has a door which leads to several more difficult rooms with goblins and a few ogres and madmen. The last room connects to north side of gumbels maze. see south well. northeast well has scorpion south well is gumbels maze. Sometimes there is a panther and rust monster near the beginning, but usually not. The north side connects to the central well. The west side connects to a room which looks like the old city, but does not seem to connect to the rest of the old city. The east side connects to the old city. The connect is blocked by boulders. You can touch two boulders. Push the northern boulder southeast three steps, then push northeast four steps. But you need to do this quick, because if monsters gather, you will not be able to push the boulders into the monsters. The old city is large. It has rooms but no buildings. The old city has scorpions and snakes, and is more difficult. most wells connect to the old city. One hint says there is a portal in the old city from which the monsters come, which can be controlled by a special crown and cup. I found a cup somewhere in the old city, and I saw a crown behind a gate guarded by a skeleton who expects you to say a password. puddings place has six rooms. The first two rooms are easy. The third room has two green slimes. The fourth room has one black pudding. The fifth room has two black puddings. No treasure. yarids house: first room has no monsters, two chests. easy, except for stones trap one space southeast of table. If I step on the stones trap, crossfire segfaults. Charles room has chest in corner. If you move onto chest, ball lightning kills you. The ball lighting only fires once, after that it is safe. You can use an expendable character to trigger ball lightning, or you can avoid the chest. Or you can open door, and wait for housekeeper or dogs to trigger ball lightning. You will have to bump dogs to wake them up. Maybe you could summon a monster. But if you are nearby, ball lightning will probably hit you anyway, so be far away. Usually you can tell when the ball lightning has been released by the sound. I tried disarming the trap, but that did not work, I guess the ball lightning is not a disarmable trap, maybe it is a switch. I tried releasing the bees and going outside but near the switch, so the bees would fly towards me onto the switch, but it did not work, I guess the bees are not heavy enough to trigger the ball lightning. Maybe you could use the skeletons. Maybe you could throw a heavy object onto the switch, or maybe you could not do this from a safe distance. The three spaces beside the chest are switches which open the skeleton door. If you are quick, you can run through the skeleton door before it closes. In the skeleton room there is a chest with a port pass and a ring, and there is a switch which opens the wall to yarid's room. In yarid's room there is a switch to open the door and a note with the dungeon password. The dungeon password is chair. The dungeon has many hidden button switches. Step on the right spot, the door opens, you walk through, the door closes, and you are trapped. Find the spot and pile boulders on the button so the door stays open. Or use a partner to open doors for you. There is a place with a wall shooting fireballs and several directors. If you go through the teleporter first, you will have to go through the fireballs. But if you go through the tunnel instead of the teleporter, you can go to a room with boulders, dig through the wall into the fireball room, and push a boulder up to the fireball shooter. This will confine the danger to one corner of the fireball room. In the tunnel, there are two places where you can dig to the side. One place is a switch which opens the wall in the other place. Pile boulders on the switch so the wall stays open, kill the monsters on the other side, and get yarid's key. I have not found the sacrifice key. There are demons, beholders, wyverns, hill giants, skeletons, and a lot of treasure, including a mithril chainmail. It takes 25 food to activate the sacrifice altar. It seems like one time disarm spell disarmed the trap, or did I disarm it? small stronghold (go through old mansion to backyard, go through filur's cave to small stronghold) starts easy, but each room has more and tougher monsters than the room before. You can advance until it becomes too difficult and then retreat. One room you enter by standing on a small button to open the door, then you go through the door and the door closes behind you. To retreat, you have to push a boulder onto a large button to reopen the door. If the boulder gets pushed into a corner, you have no retreat; except that there is another boulder in the next room, or you can pile stuff on the small button before you go into the room so the grate stays open. One room has door to the outside and a lever to open the door; you should open this door as soon as possible to improve your options for retreating. The next room has demons, and the last room has a beholder and a wyvern. Stoneville adventurers shop has an artifact weapon, not in the shop, in the upper levels. Stoneville adventurers guild: To enter, you have to pay, then kill one dread. Then you get a reusable key, which works like a gate pass, the gate opens when you approach. Inside there is a challenging practice room with very powerful monsters. Stoneville pixies delight: These pixies have wands of magic bullet, and are much less dangerous than normal pixies with random wands. Outside Santo Dominion, there are two barns. The north barn has a lever and grates, and clues that there is a dragon. If you open the grates, there is a lot of food. You can grab some food and run. After about ten seconds, the dragon will come around the corner. Behind the dragon is grim reapers, more grates, a dread, demons, more dragons, and a titan, which attack with fire, cold, and lightning. After opening the second set of grates, go south, then west, then north to a lot of treasure; usually including an artifact weapon like sting or fire brand. But maybe you should stay away from the treasure at first, and draw monsters away from the treasure, and fight monsters away from the treasure so that the treasure is not destroyed. This dungeon is very dangerous, but there is a lot of high level monsters here if you can handle them and want the experience. To kill the first dragon, I tried opening the grates, building a bullet wall on the other side, closing the grates, and waiting for the dragon to come and be killed by the bullet wall while I was safely on the other side of the grates. But the bullet wall did not seem to do any damage to the dragon. Invisibility did not make me invisible to the dragon. I tried creating an earth wall, then shooting one hole in the wall with arrows, thinking that the dragon could not come through a hole one space wide, and I could shoot the dragon with arrows of slay dragon from a safe distance. But as soon as I made a hole in my earth wall, the dragon destroyed the rest of the earth wall and jumped on me. If you go southwest from scorn following the lake, you come to a wall with no door. I don't know what that is. Soon after that there is a hole, which is a small dungeon. A while after that, you come to an area with a lot of mushrooms. Applying the mushrooms eats the mushrooms, but you cannot pick up the mushrooms. The westmost blue mushroom is a dungeon. Each level is a garden with snakes, bees, etc. One time every level had a room with a recipe scroll, ingredient, and fixed caldron. Another time no level had this room. The last level has a blue mushroom which you can pick up and carry back to scorn to become a marqess or baron. the ants, bees, bats, spiders, etc reproduce as fast as you can kill them, so it may be simpler to not try to clear the level, but simply push your way through to the exit. The shoreline is very twisted, so you could save a lot of time by walking straight instead of following the shore, but it is very easy to get lost if you do not follow the shore. Maybe magic mapping would help. If you go from scorn to the port, and move onto the dragon, and apply, you go to pupland terminal. From pupland, you can go to red island or lone town. Downstairs in the pupland terminal is the raffle. This is a place to kill large numbers of monsters with spells/prayers. There are large rooms, with a single door which can be closed again, and generators around the walls. So you can open the door, fire icestorm/holy word/whatever through the open door, close the door again, and wait for your mana and the monsters to regenerate. On red island tower/terminal, you can pay to go up, there are at least two secret doors in the walls, and there is someone there behind a locked door. I do not know where the special key is. The special keys from the practice houses do not work. red island beach: This does not look different from the other beaches, but if you move onto this space, it is a dungeon. Follow the coast around the island until you find it. If you go in the water around the fence to the east, you get swept west into a cave of gnolls. At the back there is a gate which needs a holy word. I do not know the holy word. You can return to the beach by going back in the water. Red town practice: In each of the practice buildings, there is a key. If you get all three keys, you can get the treasure from the treasure building. The level in front of the treasure building generates a note with a hint. Red town quest: Ask the lady in one house for the name of the man in the next house. Tell the man his name (jake) and the door will open for you to go upstairs. There are two notes upstairs, but you cannot get to them. There are hidden buttons for the grates, you have to lift the grates to push the notes towards you, but be careful not to push the notes into the lightning, put objects on the hidden buttons to raise the grates beside the lightning first so the notes cannot go that way. go to the southeast corner of the town, apply the boat, go to to-jyo's hut, at the door say the password from the notes (general). Upstairs there is a crystal surrounded by a fence with a gate, and the gate is surrounded by traps. If you step on the traps, you are pushed towards the gate, you cannot move away from the gate without stepping on a trap, which pushes you back to the gate, and you cannot open the gate. you cannot cast a spell or read a scroll either. The only escape is to say help, and to-jyo will come after about a minute, keep trying to move away from the gate until to-jyo is pulled to the gate, and then you are free. Elsewhere upstairs there is a note which gives a hint about what to do in the ruins, but where are the ruins? maybe in the back of the gnoll cave on the beach. red town summoner: He says he can summon anything, but he doesn't. He has treasure behind three locked doors, but where are the special keys? The summoner responds to these words: monster, both, goblin, treasure, go ahead. But he doesn't summon anything. There appear to be secret rooms in back (north), but how to you get in? lone town guild of law password is blackbird (regular army spy in tavern says so). If you say you want to join, a door opens and you go down to the ordeal. First level is easy. Second level has a room of demons and a room of beholders. The third level has many unusual kobolds enclosed by a long orange door. You need to move the boulder onto the button to open the pit, open the door to the unusual kobolds, then repeatedly go up one ladder and down the other ladder, so you move back and forth between the two corners, so the unusual kobolds run back and forth across the pit, until all the unusual kobolds have fallen into the pit. This drops the unusual kobolds into a cage on the floor below. Then you can go down and move the lever which opens the gates so the wall can fire upon the unusual kobolds, but it does not matter because unusual kobolds are indestructible. Go through the dragon cage, move the lever (there is a trap on the lever), go through the door, dig a little, press the button many times until the door opens, and there is the scroll. But there is a fire trap on the scroll, and the scroll may burn. If the scroll burns, you will have to leave the dungeon, wait for the dungeon to reset, and do it all again. The scroll says say unusual to the receptionist. When you go back to the dragon cage, there will be two more dragons in the cage. Go back to the receptionist, say unusual, and a passport appears, which allows you to go through the barrier to eureca's castle and nurenburg. I tried saying unusual to the receptionist without clearing the dungeon, but no passport appeared, so crossfire has some way of preventing you from cheating. lone town guild of freedom: go inside, say yes to receptionist, then say key to get the key to the tower. Then go outside lone town and a little east to the tower. inside the tower, there is a cage in front of you, with a scroll and a potion under the scroll. There is another cage behind the first cage with a ladder up and a lever. you have to go down several levels, then up many levels by a different route, then down to the back cage. Move the lever and the gate to the back cage opens, and a cloak falls into the front cage. But how do you get into the front cage? Maybe the lever opens a pit, which causes the cloak to fall, so you have to find the pit and jump in. But where is the pit? I found several secret rooms, but no pit. Maybe you have to try several times until the cloak randomly falls on the secret button which opens the gate to the front cage? The highest and lowest levels have treasure sitting on trap runes. On the highest level the treasure is behind runes of death. The level with the ghosts and wraiths has treasure in secret rooms with nightmares. The nightmares can be destroyed (with the treasure) with small lightning. The nightmares can be destroyed (without harming the treasure) with holy word of Valriel. I stood at the spot in the wall where you dig into the secret room, and did holy word of valriel before digging into the wall, and when I entered the secret room there were no nightmares. So apparently holy word of Valriel worked through the wall. One level has many bombers and no treasure, turn autopickup off so you will not pick up bombs, as soon as a bomber creates a bomb, run back down to the previous level and wait for the bomb to go off and kill the bomber for you. Some monsters are peaceful. I tried avoiding fighting them and talking to them, but they said nothing and it made no difference. One level you go around a corner, and there is a confusion trap, then you go around another corner and a behemoth charges you through many paralysis traps, you can stand still until the behemoth is paralyzed then you can ignore the behemoth and go around the paralysis traps by staying on the eastern edge of the room, in the next room is a dread named manager of ordeal who does not attack you; he does not say anything either. The top level has two rooms, each room has treasure on top of traps, and you have to cross a rune of death to get the treasure. In one room magic is allowed and in the other magic is not allowed. Use spell of disarm to get the treasure from the magic room, and leave the treasure in the no magic room, disarming the traps is too dangerous. When you come down in the back cage in the first level, cast show invisible. The main floor is no magic, but magic is allowed inside the back cage, so you cannot cast show invisible until you get into the back cage. You see the main floor has many teleporters. But nothing happens when you stand on or apply the teleporters. How do you activate the teleporters? If all the teleporters teleport you into the front cage, then you couldn't get out of the front cage, because you can't leave the front cage without stepping on a teleporter and teleporting yourself back into the front cage. password to meet boss of fox tails is racoon's head lone town well: hole leads to much digging, vampires, titan. But if you can deal with that, tunnels lead up into black market, the vaults of banks, stores, etc. lone town tower of pupuly : nazgul on top floor does nothing, ignore him. There are skeletons, ghosts, wraiths. lever behind nazgul opens escape pits, chest behind nazgul has strange ring. pupuly says he cannot remember name of eureca's wife. guard room key is for cave. I do not know how to open antique room, maybe cannot be opened. cave southeast of lone town: the guard room door opens with the key from pupuly's tower. at the door which says son is ... , the password is the name of eureca's son (bernie, according to lady cordish). at the door which says wife is, I don't know. this door might lead to castle behind barrier. the learned man in the tavern knows about eureca. say wife or son, and he says asks cordish. go to cordish's house, to lady cordish, say son, she says bernie. say wife, she says ask pupuly. got to pupuly's tower, say wife, pupuly says he does not know. In pupuly's tower was two notes in code. in tavern, dwarf priest says research notes, also called nazgul report, were stolen by nazgul and ologhi from electric power plant. nagul is in pupuly's tower in northwest lone town. ologhi and nazgul report are in electric power plant, outside lone town and to the west. get nazgul report from power plant and drop on table in front of dwarf priest in tavern, and he gives you magnifying glass. outside lone town power plant -1 two sections, two different ways down. stairs down section has secret passage east at stairs. hole down from office section has peaceful gnoll, doesn't say floor chief, no key. -2 four sections, one section for each -1 section. section from stair down section of -1 has a little. section from hole down section of -1 has peaceful gnome cave chief with gnome key and ball lightning, I don't know how to get to the other two sections. 1 zombi key, weapon room key, food room needs zombi key. food room has secret room to south 2 skeleton key, clock which does not automatically pick up, weapon room needs weapon key, prison needs skeleton key, magic room needs gnome key, money room needs ?, room between money room and weapon room has secret room to west 3 wraith key, electrocute olog-hi, room behind ologhis room needs wraith key (nazgul report here), headquarters room needs ?, nazgul's room needs ? outside lone town, north of the cave and east of the tower, there are two dungeons with hidden entrances. the entrances look like trees. one has a suspicious man and a closed door. the other is heinrich's cave. kill heinrich to get past him and dig through the wall. kill the peaceful hill giant to get the light boulder. There are some summoning traps in the corridor leading north. Then there is several rooms with many buttons on the floor. every space without a button has a trap. You can avoid all the spaces without buttons on the way in, but on the way back you have to step on a space without a button to open each door. The last button room is smaller with a lever in the middle. There is a trap on the lever. The lever appears to release a boulder, but the boulder does not move. The wooden door has a rune of death. At the strange alter, drop the light boulder FIRST, then pick up the crystal ball SECOND. If you pick up the crystal ball without dropping the light boulder, the button rooms will fill with zombies, you will have to fight your way through the zombies only to find that the last door is closed and you have to go back to the alter and replace the crystal ball. I tried using the correct weight of monster parts, but it didn't work, you need the light boulder. When you return to the main room, the crystal ball is the key to open the side door. At the end of this room there is another door which says: ta.is..n sp..nx's h.ad G.an. Wo.m's e.e m.t..il cha..ma.l mag..f.er c..ck .rag.n'. h..rt .em.n's h.ad bo..le .. w.ne p.t..n .f a.th.r..lity I guess that means: talisman sphinx's head Giant Worm's eye mithril chainmail magnifier clock dragon's heart demon's head bottle of wine potion of aethereality If these objects are dropped on the altars, the objects disappear and the altars activate. Probably when all altars are activated, the door opens. The barrier southeast of lone town requires a passport to pass through. The member of regular army has a passport, but if you kill him and take his passport, the passport will be shredded and will not work. The only way I know to get a passport is from the guild of law. Past the barrier is eureca's castle. there is two downstairs. On downstairs has food, beds, chests, and regular army. The other downstairs is through a secret wall, with a dread key at the top of the stairs. Down the stairs is an exit. If you go here, you cannot go back, you must keep going. There are three ways. South is the infinite hall, you never reach the end (but a spoiler on the internet said cast show invisible to find the teleporters). West is some treasure, then stairs up to a room with password locked doors. East is dreads, and a door which you need the dread key to open. So if you did not bring the dread key, you are trapped, hope you have a scroll of word of recall. If you follow the road east from scorn, it leads to navar. Halfway to navar is an inn. To go in the navar gatehouse, say hello, then say yes (you want to go in), then say no (you have no contraband). From navar the road goes north to the mine outpost. This is not a city because it has no wall around it, and I do not know if it has a name. The open mine has only a few minerals, but usually there is a mithril crystal. One side of the tower has a dust and a rucksack with some magic items inside. The other side of the tower has a store with an unpaid item outside the store. The inn has several room upstairs where the doors can be opened from the outside, but not from the inside. To avoid being trapped, do not go in unless you see the button to open the door inside the room. If you are trapped, use another character to come open the door from the outside, or edit the save file to move yourself somewhere else. going north the road ends in a cave. The cave has a few gargoyles, no generators, and some piles. The cave has two entrances, one in the middle of the south edge and one in the northwest corner. The cave is a maze. Find you way to the northwest entrance and the road continues north. Or you could avoid the cave and cross the mountains and try to find the road again on the other side. The road leads to darcap/dtabb. Sometimes the city is called darcap and sometimes the city is called dtabb. I guess darcap is supposed to be the name of the city, and dtabb is supposed to be the name of the area in which darcap is located. A boat connects darcap/dtabb to navar. There is a permanent apartment here which you can use as a base for exploring darcap/dtabb and navar. There is a free cauldron in the potion shop next to the apartment, there is a detect curse alter in the magic shop in navar. darcap maze house: This is a very complex maze, with dangerous dragons, and not much treasure. There is a back door, with a key in the maze. darcap courthouse (elemental quest): The courthouse has some special weapons and armor. To get the weapons and armor, you must open several doors. The first door control is down the darcap well. I have not found the other controls yet. A hint said there was a hint in the magic shop, but I haven't found it. Another hint said the four doors were earth, fire, water, and air, with fire being the volcano. So if the well is water, earth might be a cave and air might be a tower. But I could not find a door control in the cave, and I cannot find a way into the volcano, and I cannot find a tower. I could not find any door controls in the elemental houses. darcap church: zombies, ghosts, and skeletons. some scrolls. darcap elemental houses: has elementals, not much treasure. You should use the elemental houses as practice for the elemental quest. You should not attempt the elemental quest if you cannot handle the elemental houses. darcap well: has water elementals, puddings, snakes. Probably you want to rush through as fast as possible to the northwest corner, go up the stair, and move the lever to open the door in the courthouse. dtabb undead ruins: leave darcap/dtabb and follow the road. The undead ruins are not far, just north of the road. The first level has zombies, the second level has ghosts and wraiths, the third level has skeletons. And I though skeletons were easier than ghosts and wraiths. There is many scrolls and rings. dtabb cave: leave darcap and go southeast until you are in the middle of the road. Then go south. The cave requires a lot of digging and is difficult. There is a lot of treasure, demons, beholders, grim reapers, dragons, and you cannot see the monsters until you dig your way on top of them. dtabb castle zaah: leave darcap, follow road to shore, where the road leaves the shore go northeast. There is demons, beholders, dragons, wands, scrolls, rings. You can usually see what is behind the doors. dtabb village: leave darcap/dtabb and go south 23 spaces (if you go southwest your path will be blocked by water, but you can go sometimes south and sometimes southwest). Then go west, maybe about 100 spaces. The village has hill giants. The southwest room has ghosts. The northeast room has unusual kobolds (very difficult). There isn't much treasure. dtabb lord lynn's keep: go to dtabb village, go southwest one space, go west 12 spaces, go northwest 27 spaces. You have to bump or kill some castle guards to get to some doors. Killing a few castle guards does not seem to alarm the other castle guards. There is a chalice upstairs in the princess room, and the guards on the roof may be standing on objects like a potion and an amulet. In the dungeon, in the room with doors to many cells, there are monsters behind every door, including ghosts and beholders. dtabb mountain village: leave darcap, go west to the southwest corner of darcap, then go south. There is a huge spellbook store. The four corner towers each have a sage who will tell you part of the password for the west tower. The west tower password is De Hum Ra Blah. The west tower is the earth and air parts of the elemental quest. The basement of the tower has hill giants, earth elementals, and four switches which open four doors to a hole with one switch which opens one door in the darcap courthouse. The upstairs has air elementals, angels, and a switch which opens a door in in the courthouse. The exits beside the switches lead to the courthouse, you probably do not want to exit until you have pulled both switches. dtabb volcano: go to dtabb village, go south 19 spaces. Nothing happens when I apply the volcano, it does not even say the volcano is closed, but a hint says the volcano has something to do with the courthouse. Another hint says the volcano is multiple players only, but how could that prevent me from entering the volcano? navar warehouses: a lot of treasure, and you can see what monsters are there before you open the doors. navar a large house: a lot of treasure, guarded by demons, dragons, beholders, vampires. This is difficult. The first door switch does not open the door in front of you, but instead opens the door in back of you, which releases a flock of wyverns to attack you from behind and block your retreat. You can block bullet walls by pushing boulders in front of them. navar kaisa's place: skeletons, hill giants. the door behind the three gravestones leads to a room with 5 grim reapers and some chests. some scrolls. navar earth house: a lot of digging. all rooms are two spaces, so no more than two monsters per room. there are demons, beholders, and a lot of chests. navar family house: main part has no monsters and many chests. All monsters are in small rooms, one type of monster per room, you can see over every door. This is an easy and safe way to get chests. navar small houses: there are many small houses in navar which you can enter. Most have very little inside, except a few items of furniture and one chest, and usually no monsters. This is an easy and safe way to get chests. maximum hit points lost in traps spikes 10 blades 10 poison needle 12 (50?) diseased needle: you get a disease, which is more annoying than dangerous, can be cured with 150 gold in house of healing. (also can be cured by dieing) rune of fireball 30 (50?) rune of fire 10 rune of shocking 50 rune of burning hands 1, nearby objects destroyed rune of frost: doesn't do much rune of paralysis: doesn't do much rune of confusion: doesn't do much rune of magic draining: uses up your mana, as if you had cast a spell rune of blasting (100?) rune of death: you die monsters green slime: corrodes weapons and armor, slow. one magic missile kills a green slime scorpion: poison, you slowly lose hit points until you die black pudding: I hit a black pudding with a medium fireball and about five magic missiles, and it was still alive. Three small lightnings kills a black pudding. pixies: usually easy, but sometimes have wands. if you are facing a whole room full of pixies, probably one has deadly magic. I went into a room of pixies, the pixies swarmed around me, one pixie fired a wand of poison cloud, the poison cloud killed all the pixies and destroyed all the treasure. I would have been killed too if I hadn't been wearing my amulet of cheating. Pixie dust is valuable, and so are the wands, but fighting pixies is very risky. Try creating earthwall, then summon a golem to fight on the other side of the earthwall. skulls: breathe poison cloud onto you from a distance, make you confused then you die of poison grim reaper: Takes away your experience, not hit points, but hit points decline as you lose experience. Grim reaper is slow, so you can run away. Swords are not effective against grim reapers; you almost alway miss. One bolt of small lightning kills a grim reaper. Maybe drain life protects you. One holy word of Valriel kills grim reapers. I think destruction kills grim reapers. vampire: use spells against you, usually a cloud of something, I think usually fear, sometimes confusion or poison. Swords are not effective. It takes three to five small lightnings to kill a vampire. Stake of kill vampire always misses. Try silver. scroll of destruction has no effect on vampires. It takes about 10 holy word of Valriel to kill a vampire. Vampires have rings and spellbooks, which are destroyed if you use lightning. Vampires pick up objects. ghost: a ghost hits you once and vanishes, you lose about 15 hit points. Armor does not seem to help. Maybe ghosthit protects you. Ghost ectoplasm is valuable. unusual kobold: swords, small lightning, small snowstorm always miss. These are much more dangerous than normal kobolds. I have no idea how to kill them, maybe scroll of destruction. try icestorm. do not confuse with strange kobolds, which can be killed. dragons: arrows of slay dragon are useless, arrows burn up in dragonfire before ever reaching the dragon. I tried metal bolts of assinate dragon from adjacent to the dragon, and any hit should have killed the dragon, and the dragon was not affected. It takes about 8 icestorms to kill dragon. I guess the best way to kill dragons is to endure the flames and use a sword. Sword of dragonslaying is good. Dragons destroy earthwalls but not bullet walls. magic power potion increases mana (sp points) to full. If mana is already full, no effect. Do not confuse this with potion of power. potion of strength, potion of dexterity, potion of constitution, potion of wisdom, potion of intelligence, potion of power, potion of charisma: permanently increase the corresponding stat by 1. But if you are already at max, no effect. improvement potion: I gained 4 hit points, another time a gained mana. But this does not seem to gain stats. restoration altar in house of curing: sp, hit points, and food increased to full Scrolls have levels. High level scrolls seem to do the same things as low level scrolls, but high level scrolls have higher prices. scroll of levitation does not allow you to cross boulders, grates, doors, fences, walls, water. You cannot go up stairs. You can exit buildings but not enter. Spell of levitation allows you to cross traps without setting the traps off. But if you only want to cross one trap, and want to return to the ground immediately, try jumping instead. You can fight monsters while levitating. You cannot pass over monsters. You cannot pick objects up or move levers. You can move much faster through the mountains while levitating, so levitating makes traveling through the wilderness much easier. scroll of remove curse removes curse from all worn objects. Has no effect on carried objects, objects at your feet, or objects on an altar. Negative enchantments are not removed. I know of no way to remove the curse from a potion. potion of create missile creates some arrows at your feet. potion of life restores lost stats. does not restore experience, hit points staff of banishment has no effect because you do not worship an appropriate god staff of turn undead causes a few zombies to run away staff of darkness pointed at adjacent monster fails because something is in the way wand of counterspell made pretty fireworks, but crowd of zombies kept attacking. Try against pixies. scroll of cause cold gives you cold, spreads to surrounding monsters, kills many mice, some goblins. try on pixies. cause flu seems similar. cause typhoid, cause anthrax, cause leprosy seem less effective. temporary spells. The effect lasts for 1 minute. potions are usually much more powerful than scrolls. Higher level scrolls are more powerful than lower level scrolls, and last longer than 1 minute. If you take two of the same type, you get the same effect as taking one, and the timeout is relative to the second one. In other words, the second one stops the first. You can take different kinds at the same time. But what about a scroll and a potion of the same type? a level 8 scroll of protection from cold gives +22 for 60 seconds a level 12 scroll of protection from cold gives +23 for 60 seconds a level 16 scroll of protection from cold gives +24 for 70 seconds a level 36 scroll of protection from cold gives +30 for 100 seconds scroll of confusion protects from confusion scroll of protection from fire gives about 20% protection, lasts 10-20 moves. potion of invulnerability increases armor to 90 potion of cold resistance increases cold resistance from 0 to 90 potion of agility increases dexterity from 17 to 20 (which increases armor, speed). do not confuse with potion of dexterity. potion of heroism increases strength from 23 to 23, dexterity from 17 to 20, constitution from 21 to 22 (which increases armor, speed, hit points) scroll of dexterity is like potion of agility, not like potion of dexterity. attack scrolls and potions attack in the direction you are facing, which is different than cast spells, which ready the spell but do nothing until you fire. Note that these destroy objects. potion of fire, potion of sunfire, potion of rainbow wave scroll of create bomb creates bomb at your feet, detonates in about 5 seconds. You can pick the bomb up and throw it, or you can run and lead monsters over the bomb. faery fire causes monsters to glow for an instant. All monsters in all directions within range are affected. The range is one less than the size of the display; you are in the center of the display, monsters in the outside spaces are not affected, all other monsters on the display are affected. Or does the range vary with level? This does not injure or anger monsters. Faery fire reveals hidden monsters, and the rooms the hidden monsters are in. Why does this spell exist when there is already a spell of detect monster? Isn't detect monster better because detect monster lasts longer? Or is faery fire better at detecting invisible monsters? xray allows you to see through walls for about 1 minute. If you are beside the wall, you can see the wall and the space on the other side of the wall. In other words, the range is two spaces, or does the range vary with level? Disarm disarms traps. Disarming is not always successfull, you often have to try several times, but traps are never set off. A message tells you whether or not the trap was disarmed. You do not need to find the trap first. If there is no trap, it says there is no trap, and it is safe to open the chest or door. If there is more than one trap, it only disarms one trap. So you should keep disarming until you get the no trap message. I tried this beside the chest or door, and casting towards the chest or door. I did not test the range or if the spell works in all directions. scroll of word of recall takes you back to where you last saved, just like dieing, but not until about 30 seconds have passed. spell of town portal must be cast twice, in two different places, and then a teleporter links the two places. You can travel both ways any number of times through the teleporter. The teleporters are not automatic, you must apply the teleporter to use it. All players can see the teleporters, but only the player who created the teleporters can use the teleporters. You cannot create teleporters in your permanent apartment, or where magic is banned, like in the streets of scorn, the best place is probably in the entrance of the store beside the permanent apartment. The teleporters disappear when the dungeon resets. If you are on one side of the teleporter, the other dungeon may reset, which deletes the other teleporter, which closes your teleporter. Maybe if you go through every 20 minutes or so, the dungeon will be less likely to reset. spell of show invisible makes some but not all invisible dungeon features visible, usually this is buttons which open doors and teleporters. Traps do not become visible. I do not understand the range. Sometimes things off screen in nearby rooms are affected and sometimes not. Prayer of holy word is a cone, and does not destroy objects. However, holy word is only effective against species of monster which your god does not like. Holy word of Valriel is effective against zombies, skeletons, ghosts, wraiths, grim reapers, vampires, skulls, wights, ghasts. I stood beside a wall with no armor or protection, and cast spells towards the wall to see how many hit points I lost. All of these were spells except sunspear, which was a staff. Create bomb cannot be cast towards an adjacent wall, so I cast it towards an adjacent monster instead. The spells which lost 0 hit points are safe. The other spells are dangerous and you need to be careful not to attack yourself; and the amount of hit points lost should be similar to the amount of hit points monsters lose when you use these spells against monsters. bullet swarm 0 bullet storm 0 icestorm 0 firebolt 0 frostbolt 0 burning hands 0 large bullet 0 magic bullet 0 magic missile 0 mana blast 0 mana bolt 0 mass confusion 0 missile swarm 0 slow 0 steambolt 0 sunspear 40 small snowstorm 50 poison cloud 50 small fireball 50 medium fireball 70 small lightning 70 small manaball 70 medium snowstorm 75 large fireball 100 large snowstorm 100 medium manaball 120 create bomb 140 large manaball 150 large lightning 260 summon elemental and create golem create golems, which you can direct to attack your enemies by using shift arrow. But this is awkward, and crossfire may switch your current skill to something else, and you will lose control of the golem. Any time you enter or exit something the golem will teleport to your new location. The golem disappears after about a minute. create pets creates about 4 pets, which may stay near you or may wander off, and will attack monsters. Any time you enter or exit something the pets will teleport to your new location. The pets gradually disappear, maybe half disappearing each minute, sort of like radioactive decay. I tried this once and I though the pets did not attack enough enemies to be worthwhile. Pacify is similar, and so is hiring a mercenary. Spell of cancellation: blob flew in direction in which I cast the spell, passed over pile of cursed objects, cursed objects not affected. I cast spell of cancellation at expendable character carrying cursed objects. cursed objects in inventory of expendable character not changed. Enchanted objects not changed either. Cancellation apparently has no effect. Slithselest has his eyrie (it is said) in the high mountains to the southeast of the Tower of the Stars corpses, prices, weights, and identification: Some corpses; like corpse, rotting corpse, servant's corpse, adventurer's corpse; are worthless identified or not, and have no food. For everything else, each unidentified corpse is worth 1 platinum 1 silver identified corpses: elf 602 food 50 kilograms 3 platinum 1 gold 0 silver orc 600 food 23 kilograms 3 platinum 1 gold 0 silver thief_1 600 food 52 kilograms 3 platinum 1 gold 0 silver gnoll 600 food 45 kilograms 6 platinum 2 gold 0 silver goblin 600 food 50 kilograms 6 platinum 2 gold 0 silver pirate 602 food 75 kilograms 6 platinum 2 gold 0 silver madman 602 food 75 kilograms 6 platinum 2 gold 0 silver zombie 600 food 15 kilograms 6 platinum 2 gold 0 silver ogre 602 food 140 kilograms 9 platinum 3 gold 0 silver wight 600 food 15 kilograms 9 platinum 3 gold 0 silver dark elf 600 food 50 kilograms 12 platinum 4 gold 0 silver hill giant 606 food 300 kilograms 12 platinum 4 gold 0 silver orc lord 606 food 23 kilograms 12 platinum 4 gold 0 silver troll 620 food 300 kilograms 12 platinum 4 gold 0 silver student 600 food 50 kilograms 16 platinum 0 gold 0 silver foods, identified: apple 25 food 0.1 kilograms 0 platinum 0 gold 6 silver bread 100 food 3 kilograms 0 platinum 1 gold 6 silver cabbage 80 food 1.5 kilograms 0 platinum 1 gold 2 silver cake 125 food 3 kilograms 0 platinum 2 gold 5 silver chocolate 50 food 0.1 kilograms 0 platinum 3 gold 2 silver fish 100 food 3.5 kilograms 0 platinum 1 gold 2 silver food 200 food 6.5 kilograms 0 platinum 3 gold 2 silver mushroom of Gourmet 300 food 0.1 kilograms 64 platinum 0 gold 0 silver potatoes 200 food 4 kilograms 0 platinum 2 gold 2 silver roast bird 450 food 7.5 kilograms 2 platinum 2 gold 8 silver waybread 500 food 1 kilograms 1 platinum 4 gold 6 silver booze 100 food 6.5 kilograms 0 platinum 1 gold 6 silver bottle of wine 75 food 1 kilograms 0 platinum 3 gold 2 silver orc chop 10 food .65 kilograms 0 platinum 0 gold 3 silver and from that I calculate this table of food value. The first number is the food per kilogram. The second number is food per silver. This table is in order of food per silver. The most profitable thing to do is to eat the foods at the top of the table and sell the foods at the bottom of the table. But if you are planning a long trek through the wilderness, you should bring food with a high first number, like waybread. potatoes 50 9 fish 29 8 cabbage 53 7 booze 15 6 food 31 6 bread 33 6 cake 42 5 waybread 500 5 apple 250 4 elf's corpse 12 3.8 orc's corpse 26 3.8 thief_1's corpse 12 3.8 roast bird 60 3.5 orc chop 15 3.3 bottle of wine 75 2.3 gnoll's corpse 13 1.9 goblin's corpse 12 1.9 pirate's corpse 8 1.9 madman's corpse 8 1.9 zombie's corpse 40 1.9 chocolate 500 1.6 ogre's corpse 4.3 1.3 wight's corpse 40 1.3 dark elf's corpse 12 0.9 hill giant's corpse 2 0.9 orc lord's corpse 26 0.9 troll's corpse 2 1 student's corpse 12 0.8 mushroom of Gourmet 3000 0.1 effects of identification, enchantment, and curses on prices: I pick up 1 each of 11 different kinds of unidentified bronze daggers. One kind I know is normal because there are more of this kind. Two kinds have item_power +1. The weights vary, but the prices are all the same. These are the weights and prices: 2.2 kilograms 4 silver 1.6 kilograms 4 silver 1.8 kilograms 4 silver (item_power +1) 1.8 kilograms 4 silver 2.0 kilograms 4 silver 1.8 kilograms 4 silver 2.0 kilograms 4 silver 1.8 kilograms 4 silver (item_power +1) 2.0 kilograms 4 silver 2.4 kilograms 4 silver 2.2 kilograms 4 silver (normal) The price of two unidentified bronze daggers is 9 silver. Note that is a little more than twice as much as one unidentified bronze dagger. Now I do detect curse. Four of the daggers are cursed. The prices do not change. The order of the list does not change. Now I identify all. The order of the list changes. This is the new prices: 2.2 kilograms 0 platinum 1 gold 1 silver (normal) 2.0 kilograms 0 platinum 3 gold 4 silver +1 1.8 kilograms 5 platinum 2 gold 9 silver +2 (item_power +1) 2.0 kilograms 0 platinum 0 gold 0 silver -1 cursed 2.0 kilograms 0 platinum 0 gold 0 silver -1 cursed 2.4 kilograms 0 platinum 0 gold 0 silver -1 cursed 2.2 kilograms 2 platinum 1 gold 6 silver gnarg 1.8 kilograms 2 platinum 1 gold 6 silver madness 1.8 kilograms 6 platinum 4 gold 9 silver paralysis 1.6 kilograms 0 platinum 0 gold 0 silver -1 poisoning cursed 1.8 kilograms 3 platinum 2 gold 4 silver zormola (item_power +1) A normal bronze dagger is worth twice as much identified, a +1 bronze dagger is worth 5 times as much identified, a +2 bronze dagger is worth 40 times as much identified. Cursed bronze daggers are worth nothing identified. The bronze daggers with item_power +1 were better. alchemy the spell of alchemy (learn the spell from a book, type the command "cast alchemy", then press shift arrow to cast the spell) can be cast in any direction, and affects objects on the space you are standing on and every adjacent space. Objects which cannot be moved, objects which can be pushed but not picked up, and objects which you are carrying are NOT affected. Cauldrons and objects in cauldrons are not affected, but cracked cauldrons are affected. Everything else is turned into gold nuggets. Don't cast alchemy when you are beside a valueable object! The gold nuggets which are created are worth less than the original objects, and weigh a lot less. For example, 17 pine chairs, weigh 850 kilograms, worth 9 platinum 1 silver became 1 large gold nugget, weigh 0.2 kilograms, worth 2 platinum 5 silver 3 small gold nuggets, weigh 0.1 kilograms, worth 3 gold 2 silver I think the amount of gold nuggets you get is based on the value of the original objects. It takes a lot of boulders to get a gold nugget, and I didn't get any gold nuggets for 8 of worthless booze of poison. the skill of alchemy (learn the skill from a white skill scroll of alchemy, then type the command "use_skill alchemy", or use shift arrow if alchemy is the current skill) affects objects which you are carrying and objects at your feet. Objects in adjacent spaces are not affected. Alchemy ingredients are identified, including piles, potions, dusts, waters, and gold nuggets. What about objects in sacks or chests? This is better than the spell of identification because no mana is used, and you can do it when magic is blocked. Alchemy is performed on stuff in a cauldron at your feet. For example 7 identified water becomes a random number of unidentified water of the wise (easily identified with skill alchemy). If you use the wrong ingredients, the ingredients will disappear and you will get nothing. Doubling the ingredients to get twice as much of the result does not work, that is the wrong ingredients and so you get nothing. What if you are carrying the cauldron? The cauldron will probably do weird things, and you may lose hit points. You seem to be more likely to lose hit points with a moveable cauldron than with an immoveable cauldron. What if you wear an apron? Or the cauldron may explode and be destroyed with the contents, and the flames will destroy nearby objects, but this does not seem to cost you any hit points. Buying a cauldron seems to be a poor investment because of the high probability that the cauldron will explode, you do not get many uses of the cauldron for your money. The high probablility of losing the cauldron and ingredients makes alchemy seem useless. Maybe experience helps, maybe we should divide the ingredients to be identified into as many small piles as possible, like one item at a time, to gain as much experience as possible through identification. Maybe we should let the cauldron cool between batches. Waiting 5 to ten minutes between batches seems to reduce the chances for the cauldron to explode. Using the wrong ingredients seems to increase the chances of a cauldron explosion, and it seems you should wait longer after using the wrong ingredients before using the cauldron again. What about a cracked cauldron? the skills alchemy, thaumaturgy, jeweler, smithery, woodsman, and bowyer indentify objects carried or at your feet, not in adjacent spaces; and also alter objects in special circumstances. skill thaumaturgy: identify wands, staffs, and rods; not scrolls; try in tannery skill jeweler: identify rings and amulets; alters jewelry in jeweler's workbench skill smithery: identify weapons and armor, plus a few other things like bracers and unicorn horns; alters objects in forge in smithery skill woodsman: identify corpses and body parts; alter objects in oven in medieval kitchen skill bowyer: identify bows and arrows; alter object's in bowyer's workbench in arrow shop skill singing skill jumping: you can jump over traps, but if I do ready_skill jumping then shift arrow, it usually jumps multiple times. Usually the traps are hard to see, so it is easier to use levitation. skill fletching: there is a skill scroll of fletching, but no skill of fletching. maybe fletching means woodsman or bowyer. To pray you need the skills of literacy and praying. Some classes start with these skills and some do not. If you do not have the skill of literacy, buy a skill scroll of literacy from the store in the library in scorn. If you do not have the skill of praying, you need either a skill scroll of piety or a holy symbol. Sometimes these are in stores and sometimes these are found in dungeons. You also need high wisdom and intelligence. If your intelligence is low, most attempts to read prayer books will fail, which is a waste of prayer books. If you wisdom is low, you will have little grace and will not be able to do much with prayers. To choose a god, go to a temple, move to on top of the altar, and type the command use_skill praying. You should immediately gain some special protection from the god. To learn a prayers, read prayerbooks. Use prayers like spells. Type the command cast [name of prayer] and then press shift arrow, or type the command invoke [name of prayer]. You need to increase your praying experience so you can use higher level prayers, so you need to learn a level 1 prayer which kills monsters. This may be easier for followers of violent gods. Usually you start with holy word, but this is only effective against monsters which are enemies of your god. So you need to find a dungeon full of enemies of your god so you can do lots of holy word so you can gain lots of experience so you can use higher level spells. For example, holy word of Valriel is effective against undead, so you want to clear the undead church. 1 diamond 8 platinum 1 gold 2 silver (41.2 gold) 1 diamond 40 gold (8 platinum) prepare weapon 960 platinum ( 960 + x * x * 8 ) / x 960/x + 8x 960 + 8 / 1 = 968 960 + 32 / 2 = 500 960 + 72 / 3 = 340 960 + 122 / 4 = 270 960 + 200 / 5 = 200 960 + 300 / 6 = 200 960 + 400 / 7 = 200 960 + 500 / 8 = 200 960 + 640 / 9 = 184 960 + 800 / 10 = 176 960 + 1000 / 11 = 175.2 960 + 1800 / 12 = 176 13 177.8 960/5+5*8 960/6+6*8 960/7+7*8 960/8+8*8 960/9+9*8 960/10+10*8 960/11+11*8 960/12+12*8 960/13+13*8 960/14+14*8 960/15+15*8 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/5+5*8 232 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/6+6*8 208 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/7+7*8 193 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/8+8*8 184 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/9+9*8 178 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/10+10*8 176 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/11+11*8 175 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/12+12*8 176 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/13+13*8 177 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/14+14*8 180 a@dellp3:~$ calculate 960/15+15*8 184