If your web browser formats this page incorrectly, try viewing the page source. In netscape 4, click the view menu, then click page source. With a slow modem connection, zmodem is the fastest way to download a file. However, in order to use zmodem, usually we have to first ftp the file to a shell account on some other computer on the internet, and then zmodem the file from the shell account to our computer. However, if the file is very large, we might exceed our disk quota on the shell account. But we can ftp the file to a named pipe, and then zmodem the named pipe to our home computer. Suppose we want to download ftp://ftp2.corel.com/pub/linux/Graphics9/updates/rpm/libaps-1.0-1568.0.i386.rpm. We need two scripts. The shell script is like this: mkfifo p ulimit -Sp 200 ftp ftp2.corel.com